3D Printing: A New Dimension to Queens

The Future of Manufacturing is Making a Home in LIC.

Conceptually, 3D printing is somewhat inaccessible to the general public; it’s still an involved industrial process onphoto-4-1-225x300 the manufacturing scale, and on a smaller, do-it-yourself scale, it’s unaffordable. Eventually that will change.

While a 3D-printed future where we’re driving our 3D-printed cars to a 3D-printed restaurant that serves 3D-printed filet mignon on 3D-printed plates seems like a hazy dystopia and wholly unreal, there are much more practical applications.

The process of 3D printing is a lot less of an actual printing process than its name may lead one to believe.
Mansee Muzumdar works for Shapeways, a 3D-printing facility with an office in Long Island City. She said those in the industry know the process instead as “additive manufacturing.” “You’re building something in layers and layers,” she explained.

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