Chappetto Square to receive upgrades

Screen shot via Google Maps

Screen shot via Google Maps

Chappetto Square in Astoria, near the Triborough Bridge,┬áhas been added to the mayor’s Community Parks Initiative, which will invest city funding into the public spaces.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver announced this week that 11 new sites will be added to the portfolio. The city has chosen parks that have received less than $250,000 over the past 20 years.

The playground renovations will now enter the design process this fall.

“When we talk about improving parks in New York City, we’re really talking about improving the lives of New Yorkers,” de Blasio said. “The Community Parks Initiative focuses on parks and neighborhoods that have faced the most historic disinvestment and serve dense, growing populations.”

“Improving a park brings improvements to an entire neighborhood,” said Councilman Costa Constantinides. “The Community Parks Initiative has already begun to improve underserved parks in Astoria, including Van Alst and Astoria Heights Playgrounds.”

“We are looking forward to seeing upgrades at Chappetto Square. The capital improvements and added infrastructure upgrades will be enjoyed by children and families,” he added. “As a greenspace that is so frequently used yet hasn’t been renovated in many years, the CPI funding for Chappetto Square will provide a real benefit to the neighborhood around it.”

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