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Variety Boys & Girls of Queens hosts Back to School Event!! 0

Variety Boys & Girls of Queens hosts Back to School Event!!

  Back to School is around the corner and Variety Boys and Girls Club of Queens is here to help you celebrate!! On September 15 at 11am-4pm the Variety Boys and Girls Club of Queens is...


Dutch Kills intersection finally gets stop sign

Dutch Kills residents have fought for more than a decade to make the intersection of 29th Street and 39th Avenue safer. Last Friday, the Department of Transportation (DOT) finally fulfilled the community’s wish by installing an...


Pol giving constituents chance to influence policy

State Senator Jessica Ramos rolled out a new initiative to collect information from constituents that could be used shape policy. Entitled the Community Pulse Check, Ramos’ office assembled a questionnaire, essentially a community-tailored mini-census, focusing on...


New Queensbridge playground opens

Queensbridge Houses residents and eager children who couldn’t wait to try it out welcomed a new playground last week. The $600,000 renovation project was funded by Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, and features repaired play structures and...


The Artist Who Gives Animals a Human Face

Four-year-old Violet won’t eat her waffle. She’s sitting at the kitchen table staring at it like it’s going to bite her first. She escapes to the living room, searching for the remote, which as it turns...

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