Peralta pushes serious penalties for defective hoverboards

Wikimedia Commons/DanielPetkov

Wikimedia Commons/DanielPetkov

Last month, Senator Jose Peralta introduced and pushed a bill that would legalize hoverboards and allow cities to make their own ruling on the new traveling devices.

Since Christmas, many people around the nation have complained of their hover boards catching fire and causing serious harm. In response, Peralta has made modifications to the bill. Part of the changes includes a proposal that the State Department’s Division of Consumer Protection should investigate complaints. The agency would then publicly list the brand, model, manufacturer and retail sellers of the devices if they find that they are defective.

“We have to deal with this issue head on because the reality is that this a new technology,” said Senator Peralta in a press release. “As we await new safety standards from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, we must take interim steps to ensure that shoddy versions of these devices and poor components are not finding their way into the marketplace.”

The legislation further claims that retail sellers and manufacturers will be dealt with a $1,000 for each violation. By the third violation, they will lose their ability to sell hoverboards.

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