10 Halletts Point will have a new mural – with an important message

The waterfront development at 10 Halletts Point has already attracted much attention, but when visitors come to see the facility, they’ll soon see a new mural with a striking message.

On the waterfront wall of the building will be the image of two American Black Ducks, an endangered bird species native to New York.

The project is part of the Audubon Mural Project, a collaboration between the National Audubon Society and Gitler_& Gallery.

The American Black Duck is often spotted along the East River. With the mural only 6 feet above water level, the image will appear as if the duck is gliding through the river.

Behind the mural is Australian artist Peter Daverington, who is known for his bold and colorful graffiti-style art. He has created other murals for social causes, including street art in Shanghai for World Blood Donor’s Day in 2015.

The mural sends the message that the world needs to address climate change so endangered species like the future of the American Black Duck is preserved for the long-term.

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