Astoria’s C-Town closing down for new development

C-TOWN Astoria
Astoria’s C-Town supermarket, located at 29-10 Broadway, will be closing down for some time. That’s because the property’s owner, H&L Broadway Holding LLC, is planning on building a five-story development on top of the store.

The development will be a mixed residential/commercial space, featuring 64 apartments, new retail space on the ground floor, 34 parking spaces in the basement as well as terraces on the top 3 floors and recreational spaces, according to their filing with the Department of Buildings.

Unsure of C-Town’s closing date or when the store will reopen, the company wanted to notify its customers of the past 30 years that it will indeed return.

In a letter outside of the storefront and signed by C-Town’s management, they will return as “a brand new store that will be one of the best stores in all of Queens.”

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