Brothers Taverna Sandwich is Cheese Pull Goals

Brothers Taverna is home to Mediterranean style food, great service, and an enjoyable atmosphere. Stepping inside, you’ll see five rotisserie spits slow roasting all your favorite gyro meats. With food this good, Brothers Taverna is going to be your new favorite spot on Steinway.

The Brothers sandwich will have you drooling over its cheesy goodness. This sandwich can be made with your choice of pork or chicken smothered in Gouda cheese, fresh vegetables, and homemade tzapzika sauce.

Take a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor.

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Can you handle all this cheese? ??

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Brothers Taverna also has a number of other amazing dishes that will satisfy even picky eaters. To start, try dipping your pita into the spicy hummus, fresh tzatziki, or tirokafteri.

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Hummus, tzatziki, or tirokafteri? ?

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If you’re at Brothers getting a gyro is a no brainer. Choose bifteki or haloumi and you can’t go wrong.

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Chicken Gyro vs Bifteki ? Which is your favorite? ?

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Aren’t you hungry for a gyro right about now?

If you’re more of an adventurous eater, kokoretsi is for you. This Balkan style dish is prepared with lamb, goat, and sweetbreads.

Brother’s also offers a wide range of seafood options as well including, grilled squid and salmon.

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Grilled salmon, anyone? ?️

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Astoria is known for its Greek-style eats. But, Brothers Taverna is taking those same classic recipes and preparing them with the freshest ingredients and attention to detail.

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Fresh Pork & Chicken Gyro served daily ?

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Visit our friends at Brothers Taverna, 23-01 Steinway Street today! Cheers!

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