OurAddress.com launches with community building services

OurAddress.com, a revolutionary online community is launching their services in LIC! From floor-to-floor, building-to-building and block-to-block, Ouraddress.com connects you with your local community like never before. From tips, tools, events, classifieds and more, OurAddress.com is filled with everything you need to live like a local insider. As part of this exciting launch, OurAddress.com will be holding free outdoor yoga classes and sponsoring events at the LOT LIC festival. Yoga will be held 10AM Saturday September 6th and 13th in Gantry State Park in the grass under the Pepsi Sign! On September 18th, OurAddress is proud to present a screening of the groundbreaking movie “WILD STYLE” at the LOT LIC festival. Directed by Charlie Ahearn and filmed in 1983, it is regarded as the first hip-hop film. Grand Wizzard Theodore (the inventor of scratching) will put on a mini showcase before the film and the director will be present for a post-film Q&A. 6-10pm, Doors at 6pm. DJ, food, drinks from 6-8pm followed by film screening and Q&A. Free / All Ages. On September 20, OurAddress will bring the Daptone label to LIC! Along with the Sugarman 3 and Daptone DJs, Naomi Shelton & theGospel Queens will bring their world-renowned sound to the LOT LIC festival. 3-9pm, Doors at 3pm. Live music showtimes will be 5pm and 7pm, with a DJ in between. Free / All Ages. LOT LIC events will take place at: 43-29 Crescent St. For more information on these events and to be part of the OurAddress community, visit OurAddress.com.     *Sponsored Content

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