Queens pols sign up for IDNYC cards

State senator Jose Peralta and Assembly members Aravella Simotas and Francisco Moya enrolled for IDNYC cards last Friday, joining the nearly 400,000 New Yorkers who have obtained the city identification card since the program’s launch in January.

Primarily aimed at undocumented immigrants, not eligible for most forms of government-issued ID and who thus face hurdles ranging from entering public buildings to accessing city services and programs, on Friday local politicians called on all New Yorkers to sign up for the ID.

In addition to identification, the ID provides discounts at New York City mainstays such as Food Bazaar and the YMCA, as well as free or deeply discounted rates at cultural institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“It’s not just about undocumented individuals, everyone should register for this,” said Peralta. “Not only because you get great access to museums and benefits, but because it really sends a message that New York City is very inclusive and wants to welcome everyone.”

Read the full story in the LIC/Astoria Journal

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