Astoria subway stations to undergo renovations

Wikimedia/ Harrison Leong

Wikimedia/ Harrison Leong

Astoria is about to become the most inconvenienced neighborhood in all of Queens. That’s because a number of stations, along one of the city’s busiest routes, will be closed down for renovation.

The following stations, which all serve the N and Q lines, will be closed: 30th Avenue, Broadway, 36th Avenue and 39th Avenue. All of the stations are along 31st Street.

Astoria Councilman Costa Constantinides said he was excited about the renovations, which the community deserves.

“We deserve to have stations in the 21st century that are renovated, that are clean, that are going to serve the people of Astoria,” Constantinides said. “We’re going to work with the MTA and we’re going to hold them accountable that service here is not disrupted as we get what we need and deserve as a neighborhood, that we’re not further inconvenienced.”

Citywide, there will be 30 stations undergoing complete renovations including Queens stations in Jamaica, Forest Hills and Woodside. According to Governor Cuomo, the renewal projects will take about six months to a year to complete. Furthermore, most projects should be completed by 2018 but they will definitely be done by 2020. That’s quite a long time to go without stations that are so often used in the community.

There is currently not a set date for the stations to close.

You can take a better look at all of the stations that will be renovated.

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