Chefs at M. Wells Steakhouse to open a new kitchen


M. Wells Steakhouse

Hugue Dufour and Sarah Obraitis, owners of the popular Long Island City restaurant, M. Wells Steakhouse, will be opening a new kitchen in Dutch Kills. Dufour is widely known as one of Queens’ Top 5 chefs.

They will add the kitchen to Dutch Kills Bar establishment at 27-24 Jackson Avenue.

According to an email sent by the chefs, M. Wells with work with the bar and “will do right by their cocktails by providing just the thing you will want to eat at the bar.”

Additionally, the restaurant will be offering a unique dining experience three days a week — Thursday, Friday and Saturday — which began yesterday, March 3rd.

“As selfish as it seems, rolling back on our schedule at the Steakhouse allows deeper meaning and purpose in everything we do including the great ventures we take on,” said a statement from the chefs.

“We just want to make people happy, and I think we can do what we want to do and still make everyone happy,” Dufour added.

By the way, the husband and wife duo also own M. Wells Dinette, an eatery located within MoMa PS1, if you’re ever visiting the museum.

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