Astoria Councilman Announces Immigration Funding

Council Member Costa Constantinides of the 22nd NYC district council announced funding for immigration services for the fiscal year of 2019. Joined by representatives from Ansob Center for Immigrants and Refugees as well as the CUNY Citizenship Now! Program, the councilmember explained what the funding entails.

The Ansob Center for Immigrants and Refugees received $70,000 of the budget to increase extensive immigration services. The center offers free legal services to immigrants such as assistance with citizenship applications, applications for green cards for refugees, and temporary protected status as well as job placement services and English classes.

City Council Services at CUNY Citizenship Now! received a funding increase of $500,000 which raises their total budget to $2.5 million. The organization focuses on providing immigrants seeking citizenship with free guidance from highly effective attorneys that will give them accurate information and make their journey to citizenship more efficient.

Council Member Constantinides explained the importance of such funding with an open invitation to anyone seeking help of any kind in the quest to become an American citizen.

“We all have to make sure that for those 190 languages, for every immigrant that’s here, for every immigrant interested in seeking their citizenship and their part of the American dream that we’re gonna support them,” he said.

All services mentioned above are of high quality, effective, and confidential. If you wish to contact Council Member Constantinides and/or require any of these services, please call the Council Member’s office at 718-274-4500.


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