Astoria goes nationwide – between two buns

Local-turned-massive burger chain Bareburger announced yesterday that they will be investing in the roots of the community from which they grew.

And they will be doing so in burger format.

Bareburger unveiled the “Variety Burger,” named after the Variety Boys & Girls Club of Queens (VBGCQ). For every burger sold, Bareburger will donate one dollar straight to to the Astoria-based club.

“We are so proud to support the club,” said Bareburger CEO Michael Pitsinos. “Their impact on the lives of so many Astoria youth deserves to be celebrated. This is just our way of recognizing their significance.”

The Variety Burger contains brioche, alfalfa, sriracha honey dressing, tempeh bacon, sweet potato patty, tomato, red onion, garlic aioli, and pickled jalapeños.

“We wanted to be on-the-nose with the variety,” said Nabeel Alamgir, marketing director at Bareburger. “We really put a lot of thought into this burger.”

Despite the VBGCQ being situated in Astoria, the Variety Burger will be featured at all of Bareburger’s locations nationwide, more than 30 in number.

“What can we say? We are extremely appreciative that Bareburger is helping not only us but the whole community,” said Elsbeth Grant, program director at VBGCQ.

VBGCQ, established in 1955, is a nonprofit that encourages children to discover their talents and pursue illustrious careers. Their 30,000 square foot Astoria Club at 21-12 30th Road features an indoor swimming pool, computer room, and teaching kitchen, among many other facilities.

“We hope people will add a bit of “Variety” to their burger. That’s exactly what we’ll be doing,” Grant –

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