Nonnas 1977 honors classic rock icon with special slice deal

To celebrate the late Joey Ramone’s birthday, NONNAS 1977 Pizzeria is offering a special slice deal today (5/19) only.

NONNAS’ Sheena Slice will be buy one get one free, today (5/15) only, at both Astoria and Bayside locations. The Sheena is loaded with Granny Smith apple, Applewood smoked bacon, gorgonzola & smoked fresh mozzarella & walnuts.

The slice is named after the Ramone’s hit song, “Sheena Is a Punk Rocker.” Written by Joey Ramone, it is one of the Ramones’ most popular songs, evidence of Joey’s early 1960s surf rock and bubblegum pop influences. The “Sheena” referred to in the title is in fact the comic book character Sheena, Queen of the Jungle; the idea being that punk rock music would appeal to a savage jungle girl brought to civilization. 

Nonnas 1977 Pizzeria is known for its unique pizza, classic rock in-store experience, and warm owner, Leon, who greets each customer with a big smile.

“The Nonnas 1977 team loves making fresh, delicious pizza creations for the community to enjoy,” said Leon Leandrou, owner of Nonnas 1977.”

“We also enjoy bringing nostalgic, classic rock experiences to our fans via our in-store and social media platforms, so stay tuned for more slice deals that honor classic rock legends,” he added.

Stay tuned to the NONNAS 1977 Instagram and Facebook pages to find out when their next slice deal is.

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