Port Authority officer saves suicidal woman in Astoria Park

PAPD Officer Eileen Fitzgerald

An off-duty Port Authority police officer saved a life in Astoria last week.

At approximately 1:30 p.m. on March 17, PAPD Officer Eileen Fitzgerald was running along a path in Astoria Park when she approached 20th Avenue and Shore Boulevard, where the park ends and the Con Edison plant begins.

She observed a crowd gathered along the shoreline of the East River. They were looking down int the water.

Fitzgerald ran to the location and saw a woman in the water below. She immediately told a civilian to call 911.

Knowing that the area is known to have strong currents, Fitzgerald climbed down to the rocks while speaking to the woman.

The woman reportedly said she no longer wanted to live, and to let her go. Fitzgerald reassured her that she would help. Later, a woman who identified as the victim’s cousin joined to help coax her out of the water.

The PAPD officer then placed her outer sweater on the woman. They helped her traverse the rocks back up to street level.

Officers from the 114th Precinct then arrived on scene to take the woman to the nearest hospital for further evaluation.

We encounter heroes like Officer Fitzgerald everyday. We must honor and thank them every chance we get.

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