Costa endorsed by Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club for BP

The Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club has endorsed Costa Constantinides for Queens borough president.

Jim Owles is one of the city’s leading LBGTQ organizations. Established in 2004, the club is named for the late gay rights advocate Jim Owles.

In addition to supporting candidates who fight for the LGBTQ community, the club also advocates for more funding to AIDS support, ending wars and economic justice.

Here’s what Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club President Allen Roskoff had to say about Constantinides:

Costa Constantinides will continue to take on ‘politics-as-usual’ and do what’s best for us, not the political machine. Constantinides cares deeply about human rights, stands up to racism and homophobia, and for the protection and well being of our community’s immigrants. He will protect our housing and preserve our communities.

Constantinides has also been backed by UFCW Local 1500, the grocery store union, and IUOE Local 94, representing operating engineers.

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